AmazMod is an additional application for your Amazfit watches - it can entirely replace the notification system, multi-lingual support, a file manager, own callendar support with selected watchfaces, advanced tweaking section, weather provider and much MUCH more! Make your Amazfit Amazing!

Supported devices:


Set pre-defined responces, font sizing, DND, Private content, images, timeouts, filtering, set it as you want!


WiFi control, common settings control, entering Fastboot, screenshots and a direct adb executable command!

File explorer

Wireless file transfer, both from the smartphone side and from the app! built-in text reading abilities, watchfaces detection and installation!


Re-order the widgets order on your watch as YOU want, as much as YOU want.

GreatFit / Calendar / Weather

Calendar ICS support, own weather provider with personal openweather key (registration needed), full GreatFit© integration support!

Stats / Logs

Collect Smartphone/watch side logs for support, and send them over for a review.


The new and awesome stuff we've added, and the even better new bugs, hidden all-over!

Watch-side Service

A launcher interface for most settings, built-in file explorer on the watch, direct notification drawer access, this will be your 2nd most important widget!

Made by AmazMod team